Jay Family drops another hit song

Jay Family that recently launched the “Jabana” project song that advocates for cash crops plantation has again dropped another club banger titled “Gal ye.”

Jonnie Jay told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview that his music is about sending a message to the public, “when we released the “Jabana” project we were talking about economic empowerment through coffee growing.”

“Now that people drunk the coffee its time they dance to our club banger “Gal ye.” The song is just a dance to melody that will make you move your body,” Jay said.

Lubang Steve, manager of the group said the work of his boys is to keep the fans entertained.

“They have to drop hit after hit so that the fans are kept entertained as we look forward to organizing the best of Jay Family soon,” Steve said.

“Gal ye” to Jamaican literally means “Gal you” audio that is now set to rock Juba airwaves was recorded by producer Sam Jehu of corner stone music credited for majority of dancehall tunes rocking Juba.

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