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Japan vows to support peace implementation

Seiji Okada Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan |Photo| Opio Jackson

By Opio Jackson

The Government of Japan has reiterated its commitment to support peace in South Sudan by continuing to fund the peace implementation process.

Seiji Okada, Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan said the recent peace celebration in Juba was a very good and an impressive event.

“It was really a good testimony for the commitment of the people of South Sudan towards peace,” he said.

Ambassador Okada made the statement during the opening of the Japanese embassy residence in Juba last Friday.

He said the International Community was very much encouraged by the successful peace celebration in Juba.  He added that the Government of Japan was ready to fund the implementation process.

“We are ready to support your effort towards the implementation of the peace agreement and already we have delivered our funding for the implementation of the peace agreement to the IGAD account,” Ambassador Okada confirmed.

The Japanese diplomat said in Chapter One and Two of the Revitalized peace Agreement, there were six committees that were newly created for the peace implementation. He said it was very important for the International Community to support the activities of each committee.

“I am thinking about how much each committee should be funded,” Ambassador Okada said. I have been talking to my colleague ambassadors to join the Government of Japan in supporting peace implementation in South Sudan,” he added.

Ambassador Okada said he believes that if Japan starts the actual support it would be a good example for others to join. He said apart from peace implementation, Japan has been supporting education, capacity building, economic development and infrastructure.

Yien Oral Lam Tut, the Minister of Higher Education said at the same event that the Government of South Sudan and its people were very grateful for the support Japan has been giving to South Sudan since independence.

“The former Japanese ambassador to South Sudan Kiya Masahiko was very active in the community across South Sudan, this is also what I found with the current ambassador,” Minister Lam said.

He said the bilateral relations between the two countries did not start recently, saying the relation has been in existence for a long time and Japan was among the countries to establish its embassy in Juba immediately after independence.

“For us in the education sector, we are gaining a lot of experiences from Japan and we are all aware that after the Second World War Japan had a serious investment in human capacity building through education,” the Higher Education Minister said.

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