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Japan urges President Kiir to prevent violence against civilians

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The Japanese minister of foreign affairs Fumio Kishida yesterday said violence against civilians in South Sudan would be “totally unacceptable” and called on president SalvaKiir to prevent such a situation from happening.


Minister Kishida, according to a press release by the Japanese ministry of foreign affairs, held a telephone talk with president Kiir for about 30 minutes Wednesday where he made the appeal.


“In light of the claims by some members of the international community of the possibility of large-scale violence directed at civilians in some areas of South Sudan, Minister Kishida stated that violence against civilians would be totally unacceptable and called on President Kiir to prevent such a situation from occurring,” partly reads the press release.


“In response, President Kiir explained afresh his will for the promotion of national dialogue, the steady implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, the acceptance of the RPF, as well as his willingness to clearly explain these efforts to the international community.”


President Kiir, according to the release, stated that he will exert “the utmost effort to realize peace in South Sudan and that he will not let down Minister Kishida.”


Minister Kishida, the statement said, welcomed the decision of the South Sudanese government on the acceptance of the Regional Protection Force (RPF) “without delay and called for full cooperation with the United Nations including United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) towards an expeditious deployment of the RPF.”


President Kiirexpressed his gratitude for Japan’s assistance to South Sudan “as well as the hope for the continued support for nation building,” the release stated.



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