Japan to promote investment in Africa

By Opio Jackson in Tokyo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged for more Japanese investments in Africa.

He stressed that in the last three years, Japanese private investments in Africa reached 20 billion US dollars and promised to exceed in future.

“We will do whatever it takes to assist the advancement of Japanese companies into Africa.”

He was addressing dozens of African Heads of States and Governments at the three days Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) that kicked off on Wednesday in Yokohama, Japan.

However, Abe noted that Africans were in an era in which the challenges facing them would be resolved through Science, Technology and Invocation (STand I).

An official statement from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that Tokyo has met 30 billion US dollars to extend development assistance to Africa, totaling 10 billion US dollars.

The statement says the Japanese private sectors have made 25.6 billion US dollars in Africa within those three years.

The TICAD7 main agenda is focused on economy, society, peace and stability. The conference is being held after every five years.

Mr. Abe urged African leaders to raise their eyes now to a place beyond the earth, saying soon, up there, a small-sized satellite built by Rwanda together with the University of Tokyo will emerge from space.

He said the satellite would observe crop harvests and the state of water resources in Rwanda.

Speaking about peace and stability in Africa, Prime Minister Abe said, Japanese assistance has removed more than 20,000 landmines and unexploded ordnance since 2011 in South Sudan.

“When peace comes, it is better roads that become necessary,” he said.

The PM added that 149 members of the Japanese Self Defense Forces have trained 246 members of the engineering corps from eight countries taking part in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan on the operation of bulldozers and other earth movers to.

South Sudan delegation to TICAD7 is headed by the Vice President, Dr. James Wani Igga.


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