Japan injects more USD 25 M to fund 18 projects

Japan’sAmbassador to South Sudan speaking to Journalists during a press

conference at his residence (Photo: Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone

The Japanese government has injected additional USD 25 million to run eighteen projects in the country.

Speaking to journalists during a press conference yesterday, Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan Seiji Okada said the government of Japan will work with UN agencies as implementers to run the projects.

He said as soon as the agencies get the money this month, the projects will start.

“Today (yesterday) the government of Japan made a decision to extend twenty five million United States dollars assistance for South Sudan peace and development activities. With this assistance we will work with many agencies doing many activities in South Sudan,” said Okada.

He said the all projects will take one year to be completed. He said Japan is committed to fund peace and other projects in order for the peaceto prevail, saying peace would enable conducive environment for investors to comein the country.

Okada said it is important to support South Sudan in order to boost its economic status.

“In the future I see a lot of potential for this country because you have oil and very rich fertile land. Now there is big potential in oil and you have a big potential in agro-business so Japan is trying to promote South Sudan not only South Sudan but also other African countries to boost their economy,” said Okada.

Among other projects that will be implemented by the United Nations Agencies include building and rolling out a River barge (simple ship) by UNOPS at the tune of USD 2.1 million.

Protection and lifesaving assistance to Sudanese refugee by UNHCR $3 million, multi sectorial assistance to vulnerable people by IOM $7 million, humanitarian operation and national capacity of mine action by UNMAS $ 1.4 million, support to community stability and peace building project by UNDP $1.2 million, emergency reproductive health service and training midwives by UNDP $ 1.2million, leadership, empowerment access and protection project $4 million, strengthening the capacity of emergency health coordination by WHO $7million,lifesaving health service and respond to outbreak by UNICEF $ 1.2million,supporting mango value chain development by UNIDO $7 million,strengthening humanitarian coordination and advocacy by UNOCHA $1million,support to general education plan $1.5milion, project design and supporting entrepreneur by UNITAR $4 million and assistance and protection activities to victims of armed conflict by ICRC $2.5 million.

All the projects are under Japanese supplementary budget of 2018-2019. Response program for humanitarian crisis has taken more budget with $ 4.4 million dollar followed by peace project with $3.2 million for IGAD and $5million for CTSAMVM.

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