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Japan Ambassador to South Sudan, Seiji Okada with a team of young Karate for dinner at Japan embassy premises (Photo: Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone

The government of Japan through its embassy in Juba will take South Sudanese young karate athletes to Tokyo for training as part of preparations for the Kick Boxing Olympics Games in Tokyo next year.

The young South Sudanese Karate athletes will be taken this month to get more skills in karate to participate fully at the Olympics games, officials in the Japanese embassy in Juba said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor  during a dinner with  South Sudan Karate team  organized by Embassy of Japan, Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan Seji Okada said that  the participation of young South Sudanese in the event will boost strong bilateral relationship between  the two countries.

He emphasized that South Sudanese lost many chances to participate in big games because of the war yet they are capable to participate in any games.

Okada said Japan is committed to supporting South Sudan in sports activities in order for the young girls and boys to interact with their fellows across the world.

“We are committed to support sports because through sports relationships will be created and you will be able to know yourself,” said Okada.

On her part, the Minister of Roads and Bridges, Rebecca Joshua Okwaci said she welcomed the initiative by the Embassy of Japan.

She said Japan is a good friend helping the country to succeed in sports and other developmental activities.

She advised the young Karate athletes to take the advanced training in Japan in order to become champions in the sports, and make South Sudan better.

“We are always champions in any games, you should not go and disappoint us because we are always better in any sport activities everywhere we go,” said Ms. Okwaci.

“You should come home with all skills and medals so that we shall be proud of you. What you should know is that you are going to represent South Sudan, not Gudele or Konyokonyo where you come from but South Sudan as a nation so you should not let us down,” she advised.

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