Japan, China and AU commit to support training of unified force

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The ambassadors of Japan, China and African Union have vowed to fully support the ongoing VIP protection force training in Gorom.

 The unified forces form an important part of the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

In January, Japan made a shipment of in-kind assistance that includes tents, blankets, water containers, plastic sheets and sleeping mats for VIP protection force.

Seiji Okada, Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan said during the handover of in-kind assistance that his government was determined to continue supporting full implementation of the peace pact by all means.     

“You know, Japan is a country which is very far from South Sudan but it’s a very close and good friend of South Sudan. And as a good friend of South Sudan, we are very serious in helping you,” he said while speaking to the unified force in Gorom on Friday.

“I want to tell you that Japan is so serious to work with you because we just experienced devastating war about 75 years ago. And as such, we are aware of your pains and difficulties especially after the war in South Sudan,” Ambassador Okada added.  

The Japanese Ambassador believes that the country was gearing towards maximum stability given the unity government formation last month.  

“So everyone in South Sudan including you has enjoyed peace now, but you all the soldiers here are responsible to keep that peace in South Sudan,” he said.

Amb. Prof. Joram M. Bishwaro, Head of African Union Mission in South Sudan advised the soldiers to cooperate, work together and contribute to the social economic development of South Sudan.  

“Your leaders have informed us of the various challenges you are facing but we are encouraged that you are determined to resolve those challenges collectively. So AU wishes to assure you that we will do all that’s within our reach to assist and support resolving those problems,” Amb. Bishwaro said.

He said once the government is fully formed, some of the challenges facing the unified force training would have be addressed.   

“AU will continue to contribute morally and materially. I am told some of the materials we contributed are still in Juba, but I believe the leadership will take all the necessary measures to resolve those issues,” Amb. stated.

Hua Ning, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan revealed that the unified training was a positive step towards the next phase after seeing the joint forces from various parties participating in the training together.

He noted that the exercise was a crucial turning point toward security arrangement of the new unity government.

“The soldiers are the children of the people and they normally fight for the people. So I trust that the army should support the country, defend the people and make sustainable peace and development for the country’s future,” he said.

He affirmed his country’s support to the training in terms of medicines and food aids, citing that they were eager to see peace in South Sudan.

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