“Jaman ta kuruju” song officially launched

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese legendary artist, Emmanuel Kembe has officially launched his song, “Jaman ta kuruju” alongside the launch of government major agricultural plans.

The Comprehensive Agriculture Master Plan [CAMP] and Irrigation Development Master Plan [IDMP] were launched yesterday at the ministry of parliamentary affairs.

The song is advocating for South Sudanese to take up their farming tools and cultivate their farms to end dependency on imported food.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor ahead of the launch of “Jama ta Kuruju” song, EmmauelKembe has urged all citizens to cultivate as their land is blessed with fertile soil.

He stressed that the country ispotential for exporting food to other countries instead of being on recipient side.

“Jaman ta kuruju”song shall be used as a national campaign song to encourage the development of the Agricultural sector in South Sudan,” he said.

The song excitedmany guests inside the hall as the musician was singing.

The minister of environment and forestry Hon.Josephine Napwonamong other government officials stood up as they cheerthe musician.

There were also comedy performances from Wokil and Comedian VIP whose jokes kept the house in laughter.

Wokil’s joke of Japanese being photocopies of each other got most guests off their seats:“One South Sudanese went to China and when he was asked about his experience, he said all Chinese are photocopies, meaning they all look alike,” Wokilexplains his joke.





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