Jadalla urges Rumbek youth to stop fighting

The Governor of Jubek state has called on Western Lakes youth to stop fighting each other and give chance for peace and reconciliation.

Augustino Jadalla Wani made this remark at the celebration of the appointment of the Inspector General of Police at Nyakuron Cultural Centre on Saturday organized by Rumbek youth community.

He called on Agar youth in Rumbek to end inter-communal fighting and give chance for peace and reconciliation to restore the destroyed social fabric.

Jadalla said there is need for all to cease hostilities and refrain from revenge killings and cattle raiding, to live in peace and harmony.

“This message is going to all the youth particularly in Rumbek, stop fighting one another, refrain from cattle theft and return the broken social fabric,” Jadalla said.

He said there is need for collective effort for all South Sudanese to voice their concerns to end the crisis in Rumbek. He said Rumbek has been the central part of the country and also the stronghold of the SPLA/SPLM during the days of the liberation struggle.

Jadalla urged the Rumbek community to embrace the spirit of unity and togetherness by adhering to the guiding principles of national dialogue to bring lasting peace and reconciliation.

He called on the youths who are holding arms to lay down their weapons and join the national dialogue to bring peace to the country.

Western lakes state for the last five years have been in a revenge cycle of attacks among its rival communities claiming lives and also engaging in cattle rustling with neighboring states of Gok and Eastern lakes states respectively.

By Moses Gum Degur

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