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Ivory shipment seized at Juba airport, says govt.

Brig. Gen Khamis Adieng Ding, Spokesperson of national Wildlife Service

 By Opio Jackson

The authority at Juba International Airport has sized a half-ton of ivory being smuggled from a neighboring country and destined to the Egyptian capital Cairo, the spokesperson of National Wildlife Servicesaid.

Brig. Gen. KhamishAdieng Ding told Juba Monitor, the ivory seized on Monday “was hidden in a way that it was almost impossible for a human being to detect.”

He said with the presence of sniffer dogs and machines the wildlife unit at the airport managed to uncover “the hidden ivory.”

Gen. Ding said most ivory often seized at the airport are being smuggled from neighbouring countries into South Sudan with the hope to smuggled them to other countries.

He said few ivory that they do seize from some people who travel from Juba to Khartoum are not fresh ones because majority of them “bear marks which showthat they are being smuggled from other countries to South Sudan.”

“Although there is significant improvement in the fight against wildlife trafficking, we cannot deny that there is no any problem because there are still violations but the situation is not alarming as people think,” Gen. Ding said.

“We are trying our level best to create awareness campaign and this is why we do send out telephone short messages to public. Wild life is our resources and it is a collective responsibility to keep it.”

Gen. Dingreiterated that the introduction of sniffer dogs as a unit within wildlife service has helped to combat illegal wildlife trafficking. He said the dogs are doing very well atNimule, Juba and as well as the country’s international airport.


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