Itto set sights in inspiring Women Leaders

Dr. Anne Itto Leonardo the Lawmaker representing South Sudan in EAC parliament

By John Agok

The senior politician inspired women leaders and set sights on previous experience in mentoring Women Leaders in South Sudan for common ground,  ushering in  a political journey together despite hardship.

Speaking during the Launching of Women Leadership Advocacy Initiative on Wednesday, Dr. Anne Itto the lawmaker representing South Sudan in East Africa Parliament echoed that, Women Leadership in South Sudan started way back in liberation struggle and into the edge of independence.

Dr. Itto encouraged Women leaders to step on more efforts in advancing towards political leadership citing historical factors on how (they) Women leaders managed during those days of struggle.

She cautioned women to embrace challenges in the Country despite positive or negative, adding if you want to troll on a political journey, you have to take a bold decision because there are people who scared you and eventually quit.

“In a political journey, you need not get scared by people that will let eventually quit. You need to take a bold decision to remain in politics. For instance, I was once told not join the bush for liberation citing how rough and hard it is for women. I was told by people living within Nairobi that, I should not join the bush for I will be raped and others predicament during liberation time. They were cautioning me to look for decent in Nairobi since I am a professor, but I said no, I did not left Khartoum for Nairobi to work, but to the bush mission”, she explained.

Dr. Itto shared her testimonies during the bush time for liberation, citing families, friends direction over the political journey. She also emphasized on the opportunity for women to grab and utilized well. Opportunity and challenges are intertwined in the political journey given her example of her chance to organized SPLM party as Acting Secretary General.

She cautioned Women to know tactics of how to mobilize people politically and tips on how to join political party.

“When I was given a chance to organize SPLM party as Acting Secretary General, it was very difficult to balance the family matters with political issues”, he said.

“An opportunity always come with challenges and you need to be brave enough to overcome all obstacles wherever you go”.

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