Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The media houses are full with businesses after President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s formation of the unity government which has seen the incoming of 20 new faces in the cabinet. Congratulatory messages are streaming in and business is booming according to one of our own marketing team. For now yes, but l am not going to pre-empt my congratulatory message before seeing the performance of the new appointees. I do not want to have people being washed with praises at the expense of service delivery to the people. It is not and l believe of the appointing authority to have appointed so and so to be praised and wish-washed with praises before they are tested to the task ahead of moving the country forward to prosperity. The President has formed a formidable team to steer the country to further developments. It would be sweet as the last laugh if the messages were sent appropriately and at a time when those in the team are confirmed “team players” and can be tested to the facts. What is coming out is that our son has been appointed into this or that position. It is good for that time but consider the aftermath factors which may turn the noble move into a different perception. We live in a world in which forgetting is very easy and simple, but if only we were to consider the initial cause of the good happenings then we might forego a number of things in life. Right now the work should start and start in full gear. In the two neighbouring countries, the cases of coronavirus have been confirmed which means the government should take very first initiatives to coordinate with other world health organizations to ensure there was no case in the country. The new government should now start to work in areas which are of public concern. Threat of hunger has been reported which is likely to affect millions of people. The new government should move in with speed to ensure that this was not yet another national disaster which may hit the country. There are a number of cases of service delivery to the public which should be given priority.  There are cases of internal conflicts which should be addressed immediately. There are cases of education and health which should be improved. The country is coming out of the six year crisis and all these needs instant attention. If only we could prioritize our attentions and act responsibly to the wanting cases.  It is time for all citizens to back-up the appointees to do what the appointing authorities have bestowed on them and what the common-man expect of them.  For me l would wish to congratulate the appointees only when I have seen what they are able to deliver to the public. Sometime, some of them will end up being a disappointment to the appointing authorities. It would turn out to be like the first laugh. We are told and have been proved that the last laugh is the best.

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