The only lasting peace will come to this country through dialoging on through other means to gain power. The National Dialogue Team have been to South Africa and tried to meet Dr.Riek Machar, who is living there for forward peaceful discussions. For the second time they have not been able to meet him even through emissaries, which in itself, is telling whether we are all ready to embrace peace. We can revisit the formation and the objectives of the National Dialogue which was mooted by President Salva Kiir and has been welcomed both locally and internationally as the only hope and tool for a peaceful solution to the country’s conflicts. The main objectives which are inclusively, is to end all violence conflicts in South Sudan, constitute national consensus and save the country from disintegration and foreign interference. These are fundamental factors which cannot be wished away by someone who is really in need and want to see the return of normalcy in the country. Anyone who want power should give peace a chance for the citizens to live in harmony and choose their leaders through the ballot. The use of arms to get power should not be there in the first place. People should be left to make a formed choice of who they would want to be their leader(s). This is why snubbing the National Dialogue delegates is very unfortunate.  The team are people from this country and who are tasked with responsibilities to seek peaceful solution to the past, current and any future short-coming. They are collecting both supporting and opposing views for final report for the country to know and understand the feelings of everyone. This is how some shortfalls would be addressed when they are tabled and this would have included Dr. Machar’s political and personal vies. Declining to meet the team who travelled all the way to South Africa to seek audience with him among others is a defeatist attitude from a person of his caliber.

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