By Ayub Ben

I think a fundamental change is slowly taking place in South Sudan whereby young and dynamic people are penetrating the echelons of leadership and management, an area dominated by old and mostly male people for some time.

Josephine Achiro is one of the few youth who defied all odds and established herself among the distinguished managers in this country.

Achiro is a ‘cool’ person as the dot com generation would say, polished, well educated, an accomplished journalist and gifted with an amicable character, is precisely the kind of person a young boy or girl would happily run toward to receive a caring hug and a reassuring pat on the head.

The ‘Iron-lady’ came into the lime light when she was the director at Bakhita Radio, at the time when her star was rising and shining, an administrative post she held there, based at St Joseph Parish of the Arch Diocese of Juba.

Nobody can complain about how Achiro steered the Catholic-based radio in years she had been at its helm. She exhibited the highest level of professionalism, courage and stewardship.

She was responsible for the success and profitability of the station. She helped determine and met the financial goals of station, she supervised and coordinated the schedules, workflow, and responsibilities of various departments.

Hiring, training, and evaluating employees, as well as providing communication between departments and other human resource functions.

The youthful Achiro is an ambitious lady who is driven by conviction, conscience and not by convenience.

She was the hostess of Gospel Explosion one of the programs of the radio that used to run every Sunday morning, starting at 6:00 AM-8:00 AM, a show where by callers would call in and request for gospel music of their choices.

She is among the few activists the young generation can look forward to as a role model and an inspiration for youth, a force to reckon with simply because her better days still lie ahead of her. So expect more accomplishments in the near future.

After exiting the corridors of Bakhita Radio, Achiro founded the Community Media Network South Sudan (CoMNeTSS) where she is the executive director, by this moment her star has risen fully and shining brightly.

CoMNeTSS conducts capacity building programs for radio journalists serving in community radios educating communities on peace building activities, peaceful co-existence as well as spreading peace and reconciliation messages in the country.

Recently being the chairperson of the organizing committee for World Radio Day held at Palm Africa Hotel on 13th February, 2019 under the global theme Dialogue, Peace and Tolerance.

The theme was later domesticated to fit with country level. The theme for the day’s celebrations was quite instructive: “South Sudan Peace Process: “Understanding the Role of Radio in Peace Building, Dialogue and Tolerance”.  The event was attended by several journalists from all media houses in the country both electronic and print, academia and civil society. The ‘soft spoken’ Achiro organized and delivered a very successful celebration and occasion to the satisfaction of all who attended.

I am not saying Achiro is an angel but that is what a focused leader can give to a country or a community.

In a community where a person’s achievements are recognized and appreciated after one’s demise, noteworthy is the fact that, this trend is increasingly changing.

Therefore it will be inglorious and indecent not to thank her for the achievements she has registered so far. So Achiro and your team, at CoMNeTSS, you deserve our gratitude and appreciation. Thank you!

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