The regional bloc has confirmed the face to face meeting of President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in Juba within a time frame before the formation of the new inclusive government in November, about two months away. This move indeed which the President himself has been in the forefront championing is positive and a good sign for the country and the majority population who have been yearning for peace and stability. It comes within the time which was given for the two to sit down and chat the way forward for the country. The President is on record for having everyone and all to live and own the country so that development can take the centre stage. He promised that the new Government will come as scheduled in November and repeated his call for inclusivity. This has put to test the doubting Thomas that in one way or another has been spreading the wrong gospel for his own individualist interests. Time has come that each one must come out and play his role of achieving lasting peace not for political backing but to ensure that the country was more important and above reproach. People in different status and categories should look at themselves as a one people a one country that can afford to move its agenda including socio-economic without due pressure from external interests. The country has all the natural resources that can sustain its activities if only peace was realized and insecurity left behind as a thing of the past. Both Local and foreign investors are just waiting for that. It is time that they are given this opportunity. This is why all must look forward to the scheduled meeting with a lot of hope since it stands to form the basis of the next move to permanent peace and inclusive governance.

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