Rot in the civil service has come out in the open and shocking as it is, the exercise is being carried out by some individual who have been given position of trust by the appointing authority. This, in a simple language is an abuse of office. That thousands of ghost workers are existing and being paid by tax-payers is going beyond. This is a criminal act and those doing so at the expense of the common-man should be held responsible to account for their deeds. It cannot to be allowed to continue because this is an open stealing of resources. The Cabinet Affairs Dr. Elia Lomuro revealed this sad state of affairs last week after the weekly council of ministers meeting when he briefed the press. One thing is clear, the government is out to stamp its feet on those encouraging corruption in their public dockets. It is some few individuals who are tarnishing the image of the country by still doing shoddy deals in the name of doing their job. How can one present a pay sheet with imaginable names?  Still on the same why employ people who cannot perform while there are so many graduates roaming the streets in search of jobs. Why should one prefer his or her kith or kin who do not meet the required threshold of public office? It is time order and discipline was applied in the recruitments of those qualified who can serve the country diligently with well-founded and informed knowledge. The ministry of Labour has exposed the rot. It is now the duty of those in charge of screening and determining who should work in public offices to do their job. Time has come to have steady but lean public service personnel who can be counted on to perform instead of having large number which includes ghost workers.

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