It is time the IBC start executing its duties

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

The formation of the Independent Boundary Commission (IBC) as told by the 2015 agreement positively stirred the minds of all local communities in this country. People became happy that communal border issues would soon be resolved. It is a crystal patent that for years in this country, our communities have not been in peace and harmony. What is the root cause of this misunderstanding among communities? Inter-state or county boundaries have this question to make clear to you. One of the major dividing factors in this country is lack of fixed boundaries. We find that over one piece of land, communities fight and hate one another; each claims ownership of that land. Though the British people marked certain points as our boundaries however, we still find ourselves engulfed in conflicts attributed to land ownership. In December last year, a fight rooted in land ownership broke out over the Nile. Up to date, not a single point of agreement has been reached; each side still claims ownership of that small island in the Sudd Nile region. These problems however, are what the IBC is meant to look into and come up with right and fair solutions.

I wonder why the commission has not even said a word promising the local people in that region when and how they will look in to it. If they are however, waiting for formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) such that they can start their roles, then surely, it will be too late. The local communities in the area need to be shown real justice and now should be the time.

There is much to repair in this country. Why would self-claimed one people, one nation fight over a land? One people, one nation, if true, is an indication that land is all ours and it becomes contradictory if there is land dispute among one people. We do not need to fight; we do not need to promote tribalism and disunity among communities.  The literate population of our country should take this great message to the local people. Conversely, it can be useless and damaging if the literate ones become the people behind communal conflicts. If it is so true that the people who are meant to sensitize local people about oneness are the ones doing the opposite, then it is time the president of our country finds out these people. We will never have peace if we are considered as national servants and later, to divide the people we claim to serve.

In the IBC however, we do not expect to have this kind of people. They will always try to integrate their self-centred interests in to national matters and instead, stepping on overall interests of the country. If it has not so happened yet, we do not wish to have this phenomenon happening in the IBC. Let us all understand what it means to be a country. It is not by mistake that the world considers us as a country. There is that which binds us together, puts us on the world map and that which on our behalf, speaks what can benefit all of us. It is high time we realize this bond and work for oneness, peace, success and prosperity. I wonder if disunity, corruption and tribalism have one day in this world’s history, yielded success and a world-class competitive people. I one day heard of a country where land disputes, disunity, corruption, tribalism and hatred were once upon a time the aspects of their life, but as these people got to know how powerful and successful they could be if united, they embarked on fighting for a united and corruption-free country. This is what our country needs, not attacking one another in the Nile; let us all know that Nile is all ours and any one of us has a right to benefit from it. It can therefore sound heartless and stupid if one community organizes an attack on the other inhabiting it. Be informed that the Nile can accommodate each and every community along it and the whole country; it has many stations or points and you just have to find a place that suits your interests alone if not wanting to stay with the other community but i do not see any reason why one community would not want another to stay with.

 If the communities along the Nile have forgotten oneness of our country though, it is time the IBC start executing its duties. How they will look in to border issues is up to them, but their judgments must be fair and of a national interest in nature. This country cannot afford to lose people of hunger, un-known gunmen and now, from the conflict over the Nile. It is so painful and as such, the national government and the IBC should resolve it as soon as possible.

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