It is the time and it is the right time and the time is now!

By: Robin Saban                                                                          

As the title indicates, it is the time and the time is now.

Robin Saban

This month I am sending my readers in South Sudan a poem of support for a bright future in 2020 and beyond.

It is the time for the sun to rise in peace over the nation of South Sudan.

It is the time that the children of South Sudan rise in the morning and hurry to school to greet their teachers with love and respect.

It is the time for the raindrops that fall to dance on the soil of South Sudan to bring growth, love and happiness.

It is the time for the birds, the animals and all of nature to celebrate the new time coming in South Sudan.

It is the time for the great River Nile flowing from the upper state of the Republic of South Sudan down to the capital Juba, reaching out as a peace envoy on its course to the neighboring countries, to carry the message of courage for all.

No more anger, no more revenge, for this mighty river does not deserve such a fate.

The holy Nile is biblical river of ancient times, where the cradle of baby Moses was found in the bulrushes by the Pharaohs daughter.

It is the time for the people of South Sudan to share their stories and embrace their people with jokes and laughter, hope and understanding.

It is the time for the young generation to look toward a bright new star, the star of the new South Sudan.

It is the time for the bells to ring and for the spirit of goodness to embrace all.

It is the time for each and every person of South Sudan, wherever they are, to put their differences aside and be part of the new solution.

To work together and build a common ground for national unity and future generations.

It is the time that the rich land of South Sudan should be respected and treasured, for she is so beautiful and she is there for all.

She is rich, she is pure and she stands for hope.

She took the blood of many soldiers who fell on her fertile soil, but she is ready now to forgive and return what was taken from her.

Wake up to what she is offering and enjoy her gifts to you, she has all that you need.

Fellow countrywomen and countrymen of South Sudan, are you ready to share?

Do not lose hope. Dream and wish, singing your songs as loud as you can.

It is the time when the sun has set in the evening on the nation of South Sudan, to awaken in the morning without any doubts that the new day will be peaceful and bright.

The stars in the sky will dance for the country of South Sudan and shine with a smile bringing inspiration to all the creative people throughout the land.

The moon will shed light on South Sudan because now is the time for the whole nation to work together and enjoy life in balance and harmony and next day sun will rise with peace and harmony forever on the nation of South Sudan.

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