It is refreshing to love others

By Ngor Khot Garang

When God was creating people, he didn’t make one person superior over the other, he crated us naked. He created us the same in our uniqueness, placed in us a heart to
forgive and feel sympathy when one of us is passing through some tough
situations in life; It could be sickness, barrenness or financial

We should imbibe love for one another when we are still alive, nobody
was created to be useless in life, God could not make that mistake. It
is true that everyone of us has their unique flaws and imperfections.
But it is allof purpose and meaning of life.

Our society tends to love and befriend those who are physically able
and those who have social statuses in the community. We tend to
forget that human worth is in the mind and heart.

We  have to be strong enough to help those who need our help and also confident enough to let ourselves be helped. We don’t need rocket
scientists to teach us how to love one another, when you have a good meal a day you are blessed but you also have to bless those who
are not so lucky with your fortune, you may meet your needs because
you are robust enough to do any work that pays or because you have
attended one of the prestigious institutions of learning. But someone
down there might have been physically lamed and had no opportunity to go to school. These are the kind of people that need our love andcare.

I once read a story of an Indian businessman and philanthropist who
sobbed in a plane on his way from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to New Delhi
India. The passengers thought he might have gone insane, when he was
asked why he cried, he said ” Am using this money $1700 to ease my
transport and someone in the corner of this world is in need of it to
survive ” When the passengers including pilots heard him saying these
words, some were moved to tears.

His love for humanity was immeasurable. We are one family and we need one another in time of needs. When someone asks you for help, don’t turn your back, a little word of encouragement can make a difference. It is not about the money or all the riches in the world. True success is when you share the little you have with the needy and that is what matters.

Our world is going through a lot. Many people go to bed at night with rumbling stomachs. Some have not been loved since they were young. Just imagine if you were the one, how will you feel. Listen, a simple act of kindness can change the world. We must come together in the name of peace, we need love. It can heal our problems and change everything about us.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope column.

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