It is peace that solves

By Agar Mayor Gai

In this world, people are interconnected in a way that without the other person and his or his ideas, we are not able to successfully hit the major areas of life. Our success is always determined by the people around us. This is what nature has set to be followed and practiced. We are here in this country for one another.

Though we have our differences and aligned along tribal lines, we ought to develop and come up with a mechanism which will not make us sin against our creator and the people around us. In this country, there are sixty four tribes with sixty four cultures. It is until we realize the significance of us being placed here in this land that we will have peace of mind and eventually success.

But for how long should we wait for that to happen? If both the citizens and the leaders of this nation want to see success they must not think of effecting it later or tomorrow, the time is now.

Who would ever love to be in a nation where there is no peace? Surely, not a single person would do so unless you have other benefits from conflicts because it is well known that even in times of political turmoil and economic crisis, there are some, though few, who are always happy. They get chances to loot and kill their own citizens in the midst of conflict. If there are such people in this country they should have a change of heart.

They have to know that with peace, all our challenges, social, political and economic, shall be brought to an end. Knowing that peace solves every problem, it is important to love and be kind to all even those whom you take as disadvantaged in various aspects of life.

We have to work towards achieving and living in a peaceful and conducive South Sudan. It should ring in the minds and hearts of all that peace solves all challenges. When that happens, we will make a shift to fight corruption, and promote unity among ourselves.

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