It is pain that never ends

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes back, it was good and let me be honest; life was completely at its best.Hatred was a foreign and killing was not as prevalent as it is today. God was man’s only path and was feared too, despair was replaced with hope, and dogs were quite often seen wandering in streets more than children without parents.

Disables whose only source of livelihood was begging was comfortable with one South Sudanese pound that people throw at him. Two brothers were seen in a form of one human being, corruption was not much but some individuals were working hard to slaughter it. Death was not common except the natural one, robbery was not much, alcoholics were not many and happiness was what was always written on people’s faces.

But today things have changed and life has become extremely hard and it is no exaggeration to say that the living is like a bull in slaughter house and the dead are thought to be the ones enjoying the peace that we are desperately seeking.

We have shed tears to tell those around us that we need help and that we need it more urgently but life keeps tightening the ropes more violently and none of the people that we had expected to come to our rescue never cared.

We have believed in unreal hope and we are still dreaming even when death is pointing fingers at us. Oh, how sad to see the parents who had to work hard for their children and their labor doesn’t pay because life has a price tag?

The little street children who do things on their own, too young to know why the world is treating them like that. The tears they beat never to shed, the bruises, the scars that never heals, so young, not sure about life, no school, no food, beaten often times and not loved in life.

This is what the world calls suffering. But you know what? Hope is not lost, the fact that we are still struggling and breathing means that there is something that awaits us. We have always believed that there will come a day when we would enjoy life once again and if it doesn’t work with us, the coming generation must have its taste. We should not be disheartened, it is pain today and tomorrow you are healed, sorrow now and joy later.

 Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and we can’t do anything about it but there is one thing that we all need to consider “Love and respect for humanity” When we do unto others what we would want them do unto us, we would make life easy for others and then the world would be a better place for all of us.

Nobody needs to live as they were meant to be like that. But circumstances force us and people also add theirs to the mix and the combination leaves million swimming in the endless sea of despair.

 Some people who have lost almost everything will not heed someone encouraging them to be hopeful for a better future ahead because it won’t come since they have waited in vain and things are even getting worse.

But the fact is that the world will not come to an end before we find God’s true divine purpose and there will come a time when the soil will not be as hungry to take little children as it is today. I understand everything in this country hurts and it is something that is uncontrollable but let us always hope for something better.

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