Editorial 11th November 2018

Let there be order and action, now that the cabinet has approved the National Revenue Authority Policy, which mandated the institution to do its work of collecting and managing revenue for the government. The expectation of the public towards the improved revenue collection has been very high. There must be control and non-interference by outside forces to let the institution do its work. It is common amongst the would be beneficiaries to peddle lies and rumours instead of letting those given the mandate to work effectively. There have been reports that some people are not happy with the rule of law that was to be applied by NRA. There has been silence behind the scene, jostling for positions and seeking attention and hearing from a perceived power above. The process of collecting revenue has been confirmed to have been weak. There are holes that must be sealed to enable the country collect and generate enough for public service delivery. But those already appointed or hired should collectively work with others to ensure efficiency in revenue management. There must be a change within a short period of time. Too much talking and or politicking should be out of the authority. Squabbles and misunderstandings should be kept out. It is time that people should start to work together for the common goal of serving the general public. Not their own interests. The authority could be the centre of interests but should not lean on one side of the divide. The body should apply professionalism while discharging their work. They should also close their ears to speculations and should be aware that where they are and what they are doing was for the well-being of the country. They should understand the sensitivity of the docket and work according to required rules and laws which has now been approved by the cabinet sitting chaired by the President himself.

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