It is now true

B:  Agar Mayor Gai

The once upon a time taken-as-nationalists now have the table of contents of our challenges in their respective offices and houses. What have they done about these situations? And if not yet, what are they currently doing? If you know that you fall in this category, the nation is seeking the right answers from you and the sector you are managing. Others who may have the whereabouts to these questions have their comments welcomed to tell and preach to the leaders and the whole nation at large using their respective media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many others.

My take though, is not a rare finding in this nation. Others outside there may have the same perspective with me concerning the nature of our national service and the drifting away manner by the once upon a time taken as nationalists from their own useful and uniting paths of patriotism, nationalism and the spirit of nation building through unity and togetherness.

I am one of those who will never and never put a false hint on the old ideas of the Anyanya one and two, Koriom and eventually SPLM/SPLA. From what I have read about these movements and their missions in the then Sudan, one could tell that the ones who purposely took part in these movements can never live to mistreat, loot and to always threaten the young generation and others on how he or she suffered in the bush of this nation without food, water and other basic needs for nearly twenty five years.

This is not true for the fact that unlike them, our needs cannot be likened to those of more than twenty five years ago. In other words, if they fought for freedom of expression, fair delivery of services, building of schools and hospitals and unfortunately , the Arabs vowed that they would not do such that they would only let us free and have our own nation, why won’t someone who was demanding unity and equality do it in their own country?

We have now our own nation and we are the managers of our own resources. And it happens that the ones who fought against improper usage of our resources by the Arabs are the current managers of the same resources. They are the ones now who can either do what Arabs were doing or put in to practice what they demanded of Arabs in the twentieth century.

Now judge whether these people were a wolf in sheep’s clothing or they were really fighting for the common good of this nation. My judgement is that there are people in the then movement who knew what they were doing and others who were just followers.

In other words, in every sector or gathering, there are always those who know the mission and these people have the ability to maintain the gathering until their mission is achieved; so from this fact and the situation of our country being as that of the twentieth century, someone can tell the kind of people who have remained as the foretellers of history and at the same time the leaders of this nation.

And so, it is now true that the mission-knowing group and how it was to be effected, is gone in the course of only independence; their going to the other world of no return has buried the other missions of the movement.

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