It is not poverty but life poorly lived

By Ngor Khot Garang

When patients on their deathbeds were asked what their life’s biggest regrets were, it wasn’t that they didn’t make a lot of money, they regret having not lived the life that God had designed for them. But this is not important now.

In this article I want to step onmarried people’s toes and don’t mistake me for a married person, I just belong in the category of young people who are also a major focus here. I want to make it clear that we are in difficult moments of our lives but who holds the blame? Is it you as a husband or you as a wife or should we blame our parents who brought us to the world ill-prepared? I think nobody has to be blamed for anything here.

This is life and we all know what comes with it. People are facing a lot of challenges and discouragement made it even worse. In most of young families, unfaithfulness is climbing heights. Quarrel is the order of the day. In some places, people must at least wake up to the sad news of someone who has committed suicide twice or thrice a week and many other poverty related conflicts and the name continue.

There are many problems in our world today as a result of nothingness. When people have nothing today, they conclude that this is going to be the end of their stories despite the fact that they are in their early thirties but this is one of the mistakes that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Things changes and that is the first thing you should understand as a man, woman or a young man. You may be poor now but that is not the end of your life but when you divorce your husband as a wife because he is poor, I should say that you are on a suicide mission.

How many people in our world were born with riches and how many rich people have gone to heaven or hell with a plane without having to be buried in the soil and feasted upon by maggots? Let me tell you, your mind is lying to you when you think that you are left behind because this world is not meant for specific people. It is for us all and each one of us has its own time and space. The weakest of today could possibly be the strongest of tomorrow. The haves of today may be the have-nots of tomorrow and who can see tomorrow. Who knows God’s plans and the reasons why he created us?

You need to be careful and love your husband or wife and if you are a young man struggling alone in this life, you are not alone and this one coming is the greatest of all. It will be a second birth. Your old version will be gone and your new person will emerge. Don’t compare people or yourself with others. And don’t feel pity for yourself when people are looking down on you because it is not God looking down on you.

God never abandons his own people and what you are just going through is not a sign that he has abandoned you or he is planning to do so. Just look at yourself. You are just a human. You are great and you represent God. Please don’t let this world turn you to what you were not intended to be. You need happiness and a life, I mean a HAPPY LIFE is a life worth lived and you don’t need wealth or all the money to lead this kind of life. Many rich people in our world but they are still leading unhappy lives with unsuccessful marriages.

It comes from within and also being contented with the little you have. Therefore, when you have nothing now as a family or when you are in a family where everything is a struggle after the other, you need to hope for the better because that is the only way you can get out of that circle. It is not when you burden your spouse because doing so will only weaken the family and progress will run away. You will only remain nothing but a useless family. The best thing you can do is to believe that God is walking behind the scene and it doesn’t matter how slow you walk or the obstacles on your way because God will come in and open the way wide for you.

And now for the young people like me. I know our hearts desires and all the aspirations. We want it quick, we want the major achievements of our life to happen in our twenties and when they don’t, we feel discouraged. We don’t sleep at night simply because we feel like God has forgotten us but I’m sorry because we are the ones, I mean, young people who have forgotten God. It is like we all know the steps we must take to reach there. It takes pretty good number of years to get there and it involves twists and turns to discourage you and when you are weak, you will only wish to stop there and that will automatically mark the end of your journey.

As a young man struggling to appear above the water, you need to believe in the light at the end of a dark tunnel because your situation is not permanent and it is not the end of life and you are not alone in the journey because many people like you are doing the same. They want to make it out of poverty. They want to put a smile on the faces of their loved ones and this really needs hard work. It needs resilience and consistency because nothing in this world truly matters and nothing lasts forever. The rich people of today will be nothing in years to come. The well-known will be nothing 20 years from now. The beautiful and shining buildings around will fade and above all your situation will change for the better and people will come to your home and celebrate your victory. If you have been rejected before, you will have people who will queue in front of your gate to see you.

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