It is never too late to try

By Ngor Khot Garang

Throughout history there has never been a single human being, who has never faced failure. It is something that has always been there and it is useless to fear trying just because you are going to fail.

Most men and women today who are inspirational figures nearly gave up on life after passing through myriad of uncompromising circumstances.

They tried alone and have always been in the business of rise-and-fall.

But one single belief kept them going ‘why did I start in the first place?’

When you feel like there is no hope left, remember that someone  who is not greater than you first felt the same way but managed to push along until he/she achieves his/her desired goals.

Life is a journey that never stops until we are no more on earth. You may be afraid of your health, you may worry about your future and the pains of having not tried your level best at earlier stage will continue to ring in your mind that things are not going to work well in the near future.

It is okay to worry but hold on to what you are doing and know that your age does not matter or when you start the journey. One funny excuse about people who give up before it was time is this: “Nobody was standing with me” or ‘I am too old to go back to school or to start that business “.

Let me tell you about Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Sanders from the beginning of his life thought he was the unluckiest man on earth. Everywhere he went looking for a job,  there were rejections one after the other and reports had it that he was rejected 1,009 times, but he moved on to establish a multimillion dollar  company at the age of 65 that sold fried chicken. If he had retired or accepted failure, there would not have been Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Thousand and hundreds of jobs that were created by him would have not been created if he had given up.

Sometimes we don’t achieve our dream because of the fear of the failure of the past.

Many of us us might have been designed for greater success in life but they give up because they are alone in the journey or they put it in mind that the way things first started would be the way they would be till the end.

Whatever kind of hardship you are in, it is still too early to say it is over. You have a long way to go and problems make us to work harder than before. Therefore, if you fall and nobody comes to help you up, you put it in mind it is you and you alone in the journey.

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