The diversion of donated food items for personal use or sale is common practice which must be stopped. It endangers the lives of the needy who are aced with moribund of problems due to natural and human contribution. There are reports that some business men, more so foreigners were seen off-loading donated items somewhere in Bor town. This cannot be said to be an isolated one because many times there have been reports even in the capital Juba that food items labelled with donors’identies were flooded in the markets for sale. Those channeling them are the same people who are required to protect and distribute them to those in need. They are either humanitarian workers employed by different organizations who are colluding with some security personnel and traders to beat the causes of helping the needy and less fortunate in the society. It is and must remain the duty of the security arms and humanitarian organizations to work together to bring this sad practice to an end. Public servants who are behind the deals should be treated like saboteurs and should be dealt ruthlessly for denying the basic needs which have been donated by good friends of the country. The act and practice prevent those willing to help to come forward. People should be mindful of others and what they are doing. They should not make others suffer while they are enjoying. It is indeed illegal to sell to the public what has been donated to the needy and venerable in the society. It is an immoral act which stand condemned to the fullest. This act which was witnessed in Bor should be thoroughly investigated and if true that some foreign elements of traders are involved then they should be dealt with without mercy. The civil society who witnessed the case should make it their point to follow to the latter the matter with the authorities up to its conclusion.

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