It is hypocrisy to Shed Crocodile tears instead of resolving chronic problem

By Daniel Akau 

I was perusing through the newspapers of Juba Monitor of July 11, 2018. Its first cover page headlines read: “UN Report accuses Gov’t Forces of horrific acts.”  And another heading in the same page reads: “Women urge government to regulate market prices”. In the second page of the Juba Monitor of the same date, I was particularly interested to read another UN reported news on Guterres, the UN Chief which reads:  “Guterres in Addis Ababa, calls for peaceful solution in S. Sudan.” On the third page of the Juba Monitor of the same date above, I again picked particular interest on journalist report that reads, “US urge leaders to put aside self-interest.” Of all the above reports, I was particularly interested to read in detail the three out of four reports, namely: “UN Report Accuses Gov’t Forces of Horrific Acts”,  “Guterres in Addis Ababa, calls for peaceful solution in S. Sudan”, and “ US urge leaders to put aside self-interest”. I read avidly these three with the intent to know their effects on the suffering people of South Sudan and what is really new in these writings or news. I found out that there is nothing new; nothing is new. It is only the changes of wordings and the time and places or cities these words are uttered on South Sudan’s suffering common citizens. These utterances are seen as requirements for paid jobs or occupations or titles offered to these people who say these things.  These empty or hollowed words with no effect on the people of South Sudan are simply the shaded crocodile tears needed to resolve South Sudanese chronic problem which in my opinion is sheer hypocrisy of the highest degree.

What are these crocodile tears? The three shaded tears are already mentioned above, namely: Guterres’s shed additional tear in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a requirement for his paid position as a UN Secretary General. It is a requirement in the sense that he has to say something in order for those who wanted to keep their jobs in South Sudan to hear and also for him to deserve being paid for his UN Secretary General position as a UN Chief. It is also to give a false hope to the Suffering South Sudanese that the UN and other world or regional bodies are serious to stop their man-made plights. It gives a false hope that keeps them for a while so as to die gradually and possibly peacefully without apportioning any blame to UN or UNHCR who have always come to their rescue when their own sons are strangling them for reasons of maintaining their status quo or changing the status quo of the ones in power and replacing with another status quo which may even prove to be more disastrous to ordinary citizens of South Sudan. The second crocodile tear is the UN Report which is nothing but just the usual reporting that gives false hope to the suffering South Sudanese. It is the same with the third crocodile tear of the US that reads: US urge leaders to put aside self-interest”, meaning that leaders of South Sudan government including the rebel groups should put their people and nation first before their interest. Well said United States of America!! It indeed sounds good; excellently said!! I do not want to quote here what exactly the US said because everyone who reads knows exactly what it said and what it said is not new in anyway; it is the usual crocodile tears of the US, acts of a requirement for a paid job.

Apart from the above examples of crocodile tears in resolving South Sudan’s problem, there are many other tears early and as time goes on, you and me will still hear or read these crocodile tears. One of the commonest always read and sang by US, EU, IGAD, is the most boring statement: We condemn these heinous or horrific acts in the strongest term possible. It is the world body or international community anthem sang every moment bad things happen in South Sudan in order to give a false hope to the people that somebody somewhere is at least caring for us, when in reality it is not the case.  Why do I have to level these criticisms against US that helped to mid-wife South Sudan Independence from forcibly pregnant Sudan, former mother Country of South Sudan? This question may be posed by other sympathizers of US, and even myself.  Why be unkind like this? Why be ungrateful to US? My response to this is that you cannot help to bring us independence and then allow greedy and murderous leaders of South Sudan to continue killing, torturing and raping us on your watch, if you really did this out of love, without self-interest or invested self-interest. This is the concern of every South Sudanese today about the US action as well as its proxy body, the UN. It is unfair to keep funding UNMISS who cannot even save a gang-raped child in Malakal, Bentiu, Wau, Juba, Yei, etc and then expect South Sudanese like me to say thank you, to you, US for making it possible for us to achieve independence in 2011.

Shedding crocodile tears in resolving South Sudan’s chronic problem is not only done by UN, US and other regional bodies but also by some South Sudanese leaders. It is not uncommon to hear or read someone’s writing, giving false hope to the people of South Sudan that: we have liberated you from Arabs or Jallaba otherwise you would still be in slavery  or there is total peace in South Sudan and soon or later we will have electricity, good physical infrastructure. That peace will come because your government is committed to peace. That South Sudanese people must be patient because South Sudan is a young country; Rome was never build in a day; it took hundreds of years. Your government is doing good things for you and it will still do good things for you; be patient, the economy is not doing well nowadays, your government cares for you.  This is again shedding crocodile tears in resolving South Sudanese problem. It is giving false hope to the people of South Sudan. It is throwing thick blankets on the people of South Sudan to sleep for too long. But the “good news” is that even though these blankets are thrown to us South Sudanese to sleep for too long, none of us can enjoy the sleep because of the Unknown gunmen who terrorize everyone in all parts of the country especially in some big towns like Juba, Torit, Wau, Yei, Yambio, Rumbek, Malakal, etc, and the abject poverty, diseases and hunger that terrorize South Sudanese day and night keep them awake. We are being awoken by these evils to see lies of our leaders who claim to care for us when in reality there is no proper healthcare facilities, no security, stability, peace and food and social services in the country as it is required of rightful and moral government of any country in the world.  It is only delivery social services to the people of South Sudan and protecting them from Unknown gunmen and maintenance of general security that can legitimize a government to be of the people.

What is then supposed to be done by those who are truly caring and loving? It is to stop shedding crocodile tears and implement utterances that bring safety, protection and human development of the people of South Sudan. Those who claim to be friends of South Sudan, like US, UN, IGAD, EU, should act, not just talk, talk, talk but to walk their own talks. The same for South Sudan leaders. They should stop empty talks but walk their talks. In this way, peace, justice, development and prosperity will reign in South Sudan.

It is high time for all to implement their talks, and for the government and other peace partners from oppositions to stop talking but implement the peace agreements signed. It is time for the Americans, the Europeans, the Africans, the South Sudanese themselves to stop talking but to walk their talks on resolving South Sudanese problem if they think they are capable of doing so. Instead of shedding crocodile tears in resolving South Sudan’s chronic problem, which is a sheer hypocritical action, all should act robustly and practically in finding out the root causes of South Sudan’s perennial conflict and come up with practical solutions to these problems. For instance, tribalism and corruption are some of the endemic problems found in South Sudan. All should ask themselves, what will be the solutions to these problems?

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