Editorial 26th July 2018

The rate at which the USD is nose-diving in the economic circle is abnormal. It is bound to create panic within the business community and the general consumers. In the financial arena, questions of abnormalities are being asked. It is good to bring down the USD rate which had gone beyond the local market level, but it is also raising eyebrows as to how and why within a short period of time it had dropped down to what it was yesterday a 100 SSP bracket a USD. In the economic world it would be really a thorn in the flesh for such a move. Even in the amateurish world it is viewed as very questionable. Already the citizens are facing economic burden and it is hoped that some financial gurus are not playing the hide and seek with people already burdened. There are those amongst us who are privy to inside financial information and whose arguments are directed to doubts of mind which without giving proper explanation. But the truth is there must be some financial witch who can explain these instant happenings. Let it not be a repeat of play by some black-market or back street money-bags. Let it be noted that financial managers in both public and private should be careful and watch the development in this sector for the benefit of the general public and the country at large. This should come with prices drop in basic commodities to cushion the pockets of the providers who have been faced with a lot of problems sometimes leading to family break up and increased immoralities among the youth. Let the gain by SSP against USD be real and to remain real. It would be for the good of the country as it moves toward lasting peace. This will be seen and realized only when shops shelves start to reduce prices of the basic household requirements.


With Odongo Odoyo


The Indian Government has joined other friends of the continent to help develop skills in different professional disciplines with the aim of making developing nations stand on their feet. A country can only develop with the right people in the right place. It is therefore, heartening to learn that between April this year and March next year they are offering 200 fully paid for scholarship to South Sudanese pursuing further courses in various field of knowledge. Part of the peace keeping forces is composed of them in parts of the country. That the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the neighbouring Uganda and on Wednesday this had elaborate telecast which was witnessed by the world over and South Sudan, a number of the citizens were privileged to watch it live during the reception and in the Uganda parliament where he talked on issues of partnership with the continent and India’s development agenda. At the Juba Embassy the new ambassador, S.D. Moorthy and his team welcomed guests into the hall where the message was received live from Kampala.  The prime minister laid down ten points for the Africa-India relationship. But more the history of his country’s struggle to independence had a lot of similarities with what many countries in the continent underwent, particularly, during the colonial and oppressed rules. What lesson the Indian Prime Minister sent to the whole world was that, with peace everything was possible. Referring to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela as icons and champions of freedom. Prime Minister Modi did not forget the role played by the Pan- African champions who steered the continent free from the external oppressed rules.  But the important lesson to learn here is that all developed and developing partners needs one another and must work towards global peace. There would be no development in any part of the world without global peace. Not that imposed by some vested interests, but peace that is mooted and brokered with truth and honesty. There have been cases where external interests tend to dictate to some individual countries the right of their sorvrenity forgetting that each nation has a right to its own rule and existence, the more reason why each country or a nation has the global right to choose which country to partner with or relate with in its development move. The telecast was real and brought home the memories of the liberation struggle witnessed in this country and the consequences that accompanied the struggle. This is why the leadership is still on course to ensure peace was restored for the good of all in the country without more blood to be shed. It would be in this direction that many envious individuals are trying hard to bend the way forward to peace but the leadership is determined to prove them wrong and bring peace to the people. In every situation there are those who stand to gain and loose. Be it negative or positive, but it is important to put the detractors in their right place by telling them in their face that they do not have a chance to succeeding in their ill-planned or intended missions. This is a fact of life and the truth that sets many free. While there are those who have spent sleepless nights to ensure the restoration of peace was a success, there are those who bite them at the back with ill-intention. The move to restore peace can only succeed if those bent in derailing it were told to their face and made to understand that collectively they stand to win but individually they will remain isolated even by their own brothers and sisters because they will be seen in the eyes of the larger population as betrayers of the noble cause. This is why all people with good faith should be in the forefront of collectively and inclusively help the leadership in bringing lasting peace to the people of this country. It is the only way of leaving a lasting legacy and how positive they would be remembered by the future generation.




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