It is hard to be strong but try

It is hard to be strong but try  By Ngor Khot Garang This question became real to me when I first realized that am fully a human and despite what I face on daily basis, I can still stand firm and beat my ribcage and say aloud that am the luckiest person in the world simply because I’m alive and if there are people who are loved by God no matter what I go through, I can still come out with a smiling face even amidst tears and say I’m one of those people. How? Someone like me who might be going through one problem or the other and who know me not as a writer but a struggling young man in real life may wonder when I say I’m a blessed person. And he can be right because you cannot call yourself a blessed person when you can’t figure out where your next meal would come from which is one of the things I normally struggle with. You cannot claim to be a blessed person when you are not sure if you would go to school again because you don’t have anybody to settle your school fees which is one of my biggest worries in life but why not think otherwise as if the world was a better place even if it was in a complete sate of mess. However, this is to me but people’s understanding of life varies, to many with me excluded, a blessed person is the one who has everything going on well with him and he could be the one who lacks almost nothing but my understanding is far different from people’s and it is very simple. “We are not here by accident or by mistake” and what I truly mean here is different and it is very important. It is okay I’m a poor young man. I don’t have a roof over my head. I find myself in one of the poorest neighborhoods around and I don’t know what lies ahead for me but that should not make me feel like a forgotten person. It is life and we all understand that. There are ups and downs and there are certain things that we expect in life, pain, suffering, hardship, failure, joy and success and they come at their own time and we must always be prepared to accept what they bring with them because each one of these things comes with many difficulties that would only get you down on your knees and the best thing you can do to yourself at these difficult moments is to realize that there is need to get back on your feet when you are completely down.  The challenges are there and facing a lot of problems than what you think is not the end of your story as long as long still live, there is need to believe that people’s stories change and the second thing to understand is the fact that it takes time and patience. Well, sometimes patience can be disgraceful after been patient for quite a long time and things just keeps getting worse but that is the way it is with everyone else. The true definition of patience is not just sitting down there and wish you could be someone else one day.  That is just a wish that begs for miracle but though this is very sad to accept, it is true that miracles don’t work in our today’s world and if there are few people who might have seen miracles in their lives, those people were up to something and they worked out those miracles by themselves not God or any divine force was responsible for those miracles.  What is the meaning of this someone may ask? Well, God is a very good person and when he chooses you, he means only you and nobody else and you should consider your blessing instead of beating yourself up for the things you don’t have. The life and it is one of God’s most valued products and are not given for nothing and when you have it and you are alive today, congratulation. You are one of the people who matters a lot to the creator because there are billions of people who had wanted to be created but they were not lucky enough. Some died in heir mothers’ wombs, miscarriage played its role and billions weren’t conceived of but it was a plan of their parents but they still missed out simply because God didn’t plan for them and you are there and you are still not grateful.  You need to appreciate what you have and consider the long way you have come. Maybe some days or years back you were so sick that you don’t know if you would live long enough but God saved your life. This is joy and you should celebrate your life before it is too late. You may be poor and life may be very hard to you but that is not everything to worry about. You still have your life and the air to breathe is still available. What is the meaning of this? Listen, God created you for something and it is what you should always strive for until it is completely achieved because this is truly what matters.  And get my point clear, I don’t mean that we should stop looking for money or something like that. No, it is not like that. Money means a lot to us but it is not everything to us. We need life more than everything and a life greatly lived. A life greatly lived is not when you died a wealthy person, a life greatly lived is when you leave this world a better place than you found it and that is the sole reason, we are not here for  money or all the good things of this world because the truth is that we will never take neither riches nor poverty with us to the afterlife but deeds of a lifetime. Thanks for reading Finding Hope and for being part of a community working towards positive transformation of South Sudan. 
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