Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

A friend William Sunday walked in the office and we exchanged goodies of the day before his shocking question, “Yaba do you believe in God?” l believe in God and very prayerful in my life. One thing however, in my skull of thoughts and minds, friend like William Sunday you just doesn’t reply them instantly. You must take your time because you may not know where it is coming from. I have learnt to take time and look at his kind of caliber direct in the eyes to find out what is behind one word uttered. I have come a long way in this jargon called journalism; at least l can claim to command some historical background of the profession which has taught me to interact with all classes of people. So l did not and when l took a bit of my time l wanted him to repeat and remain eager for an answer. It worked because he almost gave up then l told him that indeed l trust and believe in one God, the creator of the universe and quickly but politely asked why this question at a time like this. He was very straight with me. Yaba l have been praying that the next week on Tuesday there will be a government of national unity in place and that everlasting peace will follow. His concern however, was the mix statements that were coming from different angles while the main signatories to the peace process had made it clear that there wouldn’t be another war or conflict. William was concerned that those issuing un-necessary statements were taking the country back to the dark days instead of moving positively forward. This time we all need to come together and face the reality together. It is with that the country will move in the right direction. “Yaba l have been and continue to be on my knees for our country to have peace and be like others in the region and the world. Yaba what are your prayers. To tell you the truth, mine is for peace and stability in the country the region and the world because life is short but must be lived fully with purpose it deserves. This discussion was simple but after my friend left, l started seeing some serious senses. I saw the meaning of peace coming. I understood the concern and its purposes. This time the peace that has been brought home must live to the full expectation. This can only be possible if it is enhanced and accommodated by all of us. For William and me, we are praying day and night for this golden chance never to leave us again, how about you out there. Can you join us to join others in continued prayers for the country to remain peaceful forever and for the sake of the younger generation?  

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