It is good to forgive

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is true that anywhere in life, we meet people who can in any one way or another wrong us through their words, actions or through their other friends. These meetings, can however, prove that all have one day in their life experienced what it means to be hurt by one other person. It is though, the question of how we go about this challenge which one can ask. How did you as a person, settle with your friend at the time she wronged you? Did you take revenge against or you had another way to get it out your path?

For the case of myself as a person, I must admit that I have one day avenged against someone though it may be less dangerous. But though, was it a right manner for me to act that way? Surely, it was not. I had something or sense to make right solutions missing in me. And because I was not complete and aware of the effects of my action on myself and my friend, a positive change never happened. In other words, what revenge brings upon our life is worth needless if one wants to live a life worthwhile.

In the holy book, we get the power to settle problems in the right manner. The reason why we fail to live a good life is because we try to solve problems on our own. Let us take for example the case of this country. It has been six years now since, our actions drove us to this level. As we speak, corruption, death, hunger and tribalism have become a part of us. All people and tribes do not meet at one important target. For instance, we live and do things on tribal divides where one tribe would struggle for only what benefits them and if possible, they can even make sure that others do not get what they have to get; we kill ourselves, loot the resources and create insurgencies for our own population. This is the level we have reached.

But though, do we have to continue this life of tribalism, murder and corruption? And if not, what should we do to get off these ill practices our necks? If only we can all know how bad these things are, no one would ever dare practicing them. The creator has through his son and holy prophets guided us on how to live a life worth teaching and remembering. The bible tells us the nature of creator; that he is a God of love, God of forgiveness; he forgives those who walk on his guidelines, he forgives those whose words are twisted and abusive to him and others. He forgave Adam and he forgave Nabucchnezar, the king of Babylon when he developed pride and even abused the powers of heaven.

There are countless instances in the holy book where our creator cared and forgave his people such that they later walked and stayed with him just like Adam and Nabucchnezar. The bible also says that those who walk with him go by his ways and directives. These ways are of love, forgiveness and hard work. With these ways, we are able to live in peace, unity and always prosperous. However, in instances where love and hard work have vanished, and that hatred, laziness and corruption are available, it is good to forgive one another and seek the power of love and kindness, hard work from the heavenly creator. And by so doing, we will have slapped failureness, corruption and tribalism in their respective faces. I give you these words from the holy book. That for peace, unity and prosperity to exist in this country, the two principle leaders must first forgive each other, all the sixty four tribes must also have to forgive one another and let all of us know that if united, there is nothing impossible. The creator comes amongst us and directs us in to the right ways if only we forgive one another and live up to godly standards.

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