It is good to forgive one another

By James Ladu Modi Asuk

It is good to forgive one another as people of one nation bound by the spirit of nationalism. It is always good to forgive and forget. I know it is a difficult attempt for many of us.

As children of one father and one mother, there is always a problem that many raised amongst themselves. But it is good to forgive one another for the sake of attainting peace and stability in our communities and in our country.

Disagreements always come and go, it does not stay forever. Problems are part of human lives and any disagreement that arises should be addressed to iron out those problems.

Children of one father can disagree to agree, but it should be with common understanding of correcting themselves of the wrongs they might have committed and they have to start a new life.

It is through due to some of these problems that they know where they have gone wrong and to adjust towards the right path. Many nations, peoples and societies have incurred so many problems. However, they resolve their issues and problems amicably just to forgive one another in order to live in harmony.

If someone insists of setting his/her mind towards war, that kind of human being is not normal. That kind of human being must be suffering from a different kind of sickness that I don’t have a name for it, because it is not advisable that a human being who has feelings and commonsense does not listen, but rather continues  to fight.

That kind of human being is not friendly to other human beings in their respective societies as well. And as you always know, there is no one who is going to be a winner of any war/conflict, but will just continue to be the source of destruction of our communities, which previously lived peacefully.

Just think about the political crisis in South Sudan, the conflict that erupted in 2013 and the renewed violence of July 2016 continue to divide and make the country to engulf into tribalism.

Many South Sudanese are echoing out that, forgiveness is going to be difficult to some of us, because many say their love ones have been killed by certain community: community Y and community Z. as such, they are not going to forgive and forget easily.

Many of them promise not to forgive one another for even seventy years to come and such promises are not good and they will not take this country to the next level if some of us insist on keeping them in their hearts and minds.

We need peace but must forgive one another despite the fact that we have wronged one another and killed each other before. We need the spirit of national reconciliation, national healing, national dialogue and peace-building amongst ourselves in order to live together as one people and one nation, regardless of where we come from.

Our different tribes, ethnicity, clans, regions and communities do not give us a clear justification as to why we should actual divide ourselves. Instead God has given us these tribes and regions as symbols, which represent our settlement on the planet earth. As such, we are not supposed to be divided.

Wealth and resources shouldn’t be part of what cause us problems, though many of our leaders and citizens are too greedy because of wealth. They are power hungry and people who want to get rich out of nothing. But some behave so in order to suppress the weak ones. Therefore, for South Sudan to move forward, we need to forgive one another for the sake of achieving lasting peace in our country.

And I think peace is the only option for this country in order to stay united. Unity of all the people of this country is of a paramount importance. Without peace, we will not move anywhere though our country is rich in natural resources. We can still be defeated if peace is not attained.

So let us work for peace because it is our collective responsibility as a nation. Just give peace a chance to prevail in this country so that the coming generations may live in a peaceful society and live a better life.

The writer can be reached on his e-mail: modiajmesladu@yahoo.com


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