All roads lead to Juba International Stadium this afternoon where home team, the Bright Stars, takes on Uganda Cranes in CHAN match competition. This is the first leg and if the home-boys win they will advance to another level. For all of us at the Juba Monitor, we wish them all the best of luck in this National assignment which should be able to bring the country together. Sports has no boundary or tribe. This time all South Sudanese will rally behind the team where no section or community matters. It is all go South Sudan team and the country behind you. The team has proved in the National assignments that they can be relied on to deliver and this is what is expected to the outcome of the game today. We expect everyone to come out and give the team morale support. The match kick-off at 4 pm. Sports lovers and supporters without caring boundaries should converge at the Stadium early enough to take position of the day and display their solidarity with the National team. It will be our pride to see all those V8 and other limousines. We would like to see support from people dancing all the way from Rock City, Shirikat, Gumbo, Gudele, Jebel, Mauna and all other parts of Juba and the country trickling towards the Stadium. This is another side of peace process that is needed in the country and which should be natured by the entire Nation. We owe it to the present and future generation. Let us put all our difference aside and let sports, this time football, bring this country to one people one Nation. In sports there is a winner and a loser but that does not mean defeat it means progress towards a winning end which is joy to the winning side. Let the best team win and this is the Bright Stars with the home advantage and support. Go out and get it the home boys.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Sometimes it is good to do what you can do today instead of waiting for tomorrow.  I do remember the words from the three wise- men of the holy-book. They saw the star and pro-claimed the birth of a King somewhere among the Jews. The rest you and I understand better. This though cropped up on realizing that in one of the neighboring country, some three once upon a time powerful ministers, not any ordinary ministers, they were at one time or another during their tenure, in charge of Internal Security docket. All three of them as if by coincident are lying in one mortuary, the Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi Kenya. The late are, once power-man Nicholas Biwott, G.G. Kariuki and Joseph Nkaisery. How the world can behave sometimes. These are names which were feared above all. They could not be swayed or mentioned in passing, but with all that they amassed, they have left behind everything including the tallest buildings and acres of lands just to mention a few. If money could change life, the three could still be alive. It is unfortunate that one cannot save himself or herself with money. It is a reality of life which we must start to accept and live with all our lives. It is a reality which can dawn on one only when your close one is gone and you realize that he/she is no more. I was in this dreamland when the regular friend walked in. SaTP was in a lousy mood so did l. We miss-matched and zipped up the whole day. L cared the least because l had read through his mind what he was up to. Remember, one time we talked about change and those who are opposed to it and who will do anything in their right or wrong minds to get what they wanted even if it is un-professional. This is the direction someone wanted to take us to. This was un-acceptable and we silently agreed that if some of us could not go with the eminent change, then some of us had to remain behind and be left behind while we move ahead with changes. We did not want to be in a situation where we found ourselves grouped or ending up in a group which cannot help one another with or without money. The reality had to be faced and accepted and as the saying goes, truth shall set us free” and indeed it is only the truth that shall set us all free. With truth and honesty, one does not need to walk forward, gaping at his back to see who was following or what could be haunting him from behind. This is the life of the unjust and the life some of us would not wish to face at our present age and time. This is why people like our friend SaTP must walk on clear path of truth and face the reality of life. Nothing short nothing long about this. It is the reality and the truth. Live a decent and honest life within your means and all will be well that ends well. You can only scratch the back of the one who can do the same to you.


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