Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

After the swearing in of Ministers in the new cabinet, the weekend is ending with the team taking over their respective dockets ready to discharge duties assigned to them by the presidency. Indeed it was a beehive of activities between the new holders and appointing organs with one strong indicator that time for doing politics was over replaced with work which goes with commitment and trust.  The first extraordinary cabinet meeting under the chair of President Salva Kiir Mayardit outlined the pending agenda which must be given a priority. They included the now dreaded coronavirus preparedness by the Ministry of Health who tabled a requirement of five million US dollars to set and ready-up a team for the fight against the virus. The other sounded alarm was over the corruption in public institutions. There was stern warning from the presidency to the ministers to ensure their dockets were free of the vice. Corruption has been talked about for a long time. It is one thing that makes a country draw back and not move forward. The expectation of the common-man is that they should have a corruption-free nation where their taxes are used to provide the much needed service delivery and other basic requirements. There long awaited public power, clean water, good roads in and out of the capital city and other necessities that go with them, were put in place for good use by the public. The story-telling of the past should be left to live in the past. It is now action time not even plans of action. Everyone should feel owning and belonging. They should stand firm and collectively push to shove for the nation to grow in socio-economic characters. This can only be so if each one considers that there was dignity and integrity for them to protect and be proud of. Tame for promises and empty talks must come to an end as each person embarks on national duty and commitment to start building new order for prosperity in the nation. The country needs education system to be streamlined, the health and agriculture needs a boost a healthy and food secured nation. The country needs to turn to industries and estate development to have enough manpower and shelter without thinking of residing forever in hotels and restaurants. Time is of essence and there should be no wastage at all points. Time has come in now with peace and expected stability in which moving forward is the only way to maintain a country that we are all going to be proud to live in without short-changing of ideas and general thinking of the people. It is a test-case to the elite and meddle class operators who should be the engine and steering of the ship. Both should be able to direct the nation towards achieving lasting peace, national and international recognition among other nations of the world. Yes it can be done. Collectively we can do it.   

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