Street children in Juba town and it’s environ are posing danger to public movements and other activities. It might be worse with just a month to go to December Christmas celebrations. Worse still, both State and national legislative representatives are aware and at one point or another have discussed the matter over and over but with little solution, if any. What needs to be done is to take this matter very seriously and have it addressed by those charged with such tasks. It should not be left to the government alone since there are a number of local and international institutions that are keyed in child-welfare. Most of these children are not out there because they want. They are forced with circumstance beyond their reach to find themselves in the streets. Many would have wished to be in school and others would have wished to be responsible for their kith and kin but the situation could not allow them to do so. It would be better appreciated if the key institution could start preparing something for different street children even if little to bring back some smiles on their faces. It could be in the name of organizing togetherness parties during the coming month or sporting activities that would bring them together with their privileged age mates. They must be accepted as other human beings and where possible be rehabilitated to be responsible people who could fend for themselves in future. This country needs them and must work out for their betterment. The country and those authorities should be able to find a lasting solution to the continued increase of street children. Sometime it is better to find out their background as some have able parents but because of their self-lust, have decided to run away from home and presumably get solace and comfort in the streets.

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