Street children can be turned about to be useful citizens who can contribute to the development of the society despite the circumstance facing them. It is not their like to be out in there. Thecircumstances are beyond their own control and need people and institutions of goodwill to come to their rescues. Their numbers have increased and a lasting solution should be found before the matter gets out of hand.The possibilities of these kids being turned into productive citizens are high if they are nurtured and absorbed into reasonable life at an early and tender age. Like Father Paulino in Gudelle with children’s home others should follow suit and open their doors for street children not only for accommodation, but to mold them into responsible citizens through education and other technical knowledge which would see them have a future.  Most of these children found themselves in their present situation after either losing their parents during the protracted civil unrest or displaced from family circles by one or two reason(s).The situation should be handled with care as ignoring it would mean sitting on a time bomb which could explode any minute or create catastrophe which would be of major consequences to the country. This is why the situation should be arrested now not tomorrow. It is in history that some street children have grown to be renowned world celebrities. They have excelled in many fields of developments. This is why hidden talents in these children should be tapped now and be prepared for future use to move the country forward.  The children’s homes and institutions alike should be supported by both the public and private sectors to be able to accommodate and host the street children. Let it be a collective responsibility of all good thinking people in and outside the country.

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