The inter-communal and clashes that are going on in the country need to be addressed with firmness as people continues to be killed for what could have been dialogued. Nowhere can one buy a human being and killing is a capital offence punishable with death penalty. The killings have gone too far and where reasoning should have taken place, the ready guns at hand comes in. This is not the life that should be experienced in an independent atmosphere. One the inter-communal fights over whatever reason(s) should be discouraged and done away with under the state administrations and the national government.The number of people reported killed on daily basis is alarming and shocking. There must be security on the ground to detect any wanting reason which could turn out to be the pending cause of any skirmishes. Where there is effective security system, hawk- eyed personnel would detect or be knowledgeable of any intended crime. Killing one or two people is a serious crime but how about killing over 30 people in a span of three days. The cultures that used to unite the communities as a one people is long gone or thrown out of the window. Sitting together and discussing differences are also not there anymore. Many have resorted to living their lives in isolation even bringing children under these norms. There is no room for knowing one another and becoming one people who can dialogue on any issue that may affect the family and community at large.The society must bring back the tolerant behaviours which could put to an end the current hostilities among people living together or neighboring one another. Above all, killings must stop for development to take roots in the country. These incidences are portraying negative images of the country.

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