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Islamic Organisation donates food items to Islamic Council

Islamic Council team in a group photo after donation

By Bida Elly

Al-Gaid Foundation Organisation has donated food items as a Ramadan grant to South Sudan Islamic Council to support fasting Muslims in the Country.

Al-Gaid Foundation is a Sudanese Organisation that focuses on delivering relief services to Muslim Community all over Sudan and South Sudan, especially those ones fasting.

Speaking to           Journalists yesterday, Vinasio Amum Dend, the Acting Chairperson of the South Sudan Islamic Council said that they received a donation of 1500 bags each for rice, flour and sugar, 117 boxes of cooking oil, 200 bags of dates to help the fasting Muslim community, especially those in prisons, Kalwas, schools, and many others within South Sudan.

Vinansio said that the donation targeted a sample size of about 2100 Muslim households in South Sudan including the captivated ones as well as Students at academic levels.

‘’We, in the Islamic Council, are very glad for having received the relief from the Gaid Organisation of peace and development, especially during this Ramadan season of fasting. The donation has targeted a number of 2,100 households of Muslims in the country especially the poor, those in prisons, kalwas, and students at academic levels

In his part,Sadik FajarNur, a Sudanese representative for Al-Gaid Organisation said that the donation occurred upon request by South Sudan Islamic Council two years ago.

Sadik said that the total liquidated donation amounted to 100,000US Dollars equivalent.

He said that the donation was a symbol of Corporation between Al Gaid Organisation and the South Sudan Islamic Council towards their religious dignity to all Muslims in the two Countries

The Islamic Council appreciated the initiative carried out by Al Gaid Organisation donating the food items to support all fasting Muslims in South Sudan.

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