Islamic Council calls on citizens to embrace peace

By Martha David

South Sudan Islamic Council has called on the citizens to embrace peace among them.   

In an interview with Juba Monitor on Eid Al Adha festival, Jar Alnabi Khamis the Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Council said what people need at this time was peace.  

“What we need in South Sudan is peace and I think peace alone is enough and even the Islam comes from the name peace. We   cannot see peace but we feel it,” he said.

Alnabi added that peace is a message from heaven saying they want all citizens to live in peace.

“We want peace in South Sudan as a whole and everywhere in the county. We want peace in our heart, in our societies and in our houses,” Khamis said.   

He said people should live together in love and peace instead of having envy and gloomy faces, “It is better to have peace that comforts people’s hearts.”

Khamis said that people need to pray to God so as to unite the leaders of the Revitalized Transnational Government of National Unity to work with one heart and forget the past.

Abu Saif Aldin Al Rashid, Youth Secretary for Religions Affairs in Hi-Malakal Mosque called on citizens to embrace the spirit of nationality.  

“My message to my South Sudanese brothers is that we should put tribalism aside. I wish all the South Sudanese to respect and forgive each other so that we can live as one,” he said. 

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