This is one case which the Government must investigate and come out with a fully investigated report on if it is true or false that senior citizen, Joseph Lagu who is undergoing treatment abroad is facing eviction from his residence. A residence given to him as a token of appreciation for the service he rendered the country before and after the liberation struggles. Those behind this move should have better and convincing reasons to the public who view and see the move as an intention of ill motive. There is no reason to introduce  who Joseph Lagu is but one thing must remain clear that this is a residence given to him by President Salva Kiir  through the then Jubek Governor Clement Wani Konga. This cannot be the best way to treat those who fought for the liberation of this country at their old age. In fact, it is a taboo in the African culture to do this. Even if he was not involved in the liberation struggle, his age dictates and demand some respects without saying much. To evict him from this house given to him as a token of appreciation for his services to the country. Honestly if it is true that there was a move like this and if it is true that this move was not sanctioned with proper authorities, then those involved need to explain some few things to the government and the public. But if it was sanctioned as the public are being made to believe then those who did so must come out clean and own their actions. Peace has come after a lot of struggle spearheaded by the leadership. It needs sober minds to handle some of these issues, not otherwise. There is no one who is better than the other and each needs equal treatment without fear or favour. There must be trust and respect for whatever one is doing which should not be in the dark but in the open and should not give negative image to the country.

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