Editorial 17th October 2018

The D-Day for the peace celebrations is just around the corner. President Kiir has directed Governors in the Border States to implement security arrangements as outlined in the peace agreement. This is not only important to the security at the border and the country but extends peaceful co-existence in the region. There should be no otherwise on this order. We need to have peace implemented in all parts of the country. The governors should not be reminded of their duties and those still living or staying in the capital city Juba should start their journey back to the states to be with people on the ground when the implementation starts. This journey has taken this country five grueling years to achieve security and any other agreement signed in the accord should be given maximum support to achieve the goal the country has suffered for this far. There are those who are really committed to the peace implementation while there are others who are causing havoc in the middle of the pending exercise. Why should some sections of the forces attack one another at this time when the joy and the pride of having signed the final part in Addis Ababa. The only noble thing that we need to do as a country and as people is to thank those who laboured so hard to ensure this agreement was reached and signed. It cannot be taken for granted just to wish wash away what has been labored for causing the death of many and maiming thousands. The end of this month will mark the big day that we have been waiting for when brothers and sisters who have not been Seeing Eye to eye meet to celebrate. It should be a warning point that this country does not need any war again. Those being reported to be engaged in these kind of activities must stop or be stopped at all costs.

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