Is the country heavily dependent on NGOs

The truth as laid down by Dr. James Solomon Padiet, a Political Lecturer and a Consultant on Diplomacy during the Civil Society Forum on Tuesday in Juba that this country had come entirely dependent on NGOs cannot be wished away. It is the gospel truth which needs urgent attention to address. But we must go back to the genesis of all these and how we found our country into this situation. We have data indicating that there are more than 130 NGOs registered with very limited number of these operating effectively. What the learned doctor revealed should be shocking but not so because there are few individuals who thrive on the presence of these local and international organizations. We cannot close our eyes to the facts that while majority of employees of these institutions are foreigners with vested interests even collecting data of activities in this country and sending back to their masters. Always nothing is positive. Actually 90 percent of what could be called aid or donation ends up going back to their origin through all designed means including salaries and allowances. Our concern is that they should be put under strict check and balance. The NGOs laws should be applied to the latter. Remember the hue and cry when the government passed the law for enforcement. Something is clearly not right and sometimes as a country we must have a stand and make the possible move. The sorverenity of this country cannot be compromised anywhere and with anybody including the mushrooming NGOs whose conducts are questionable except the few which are doing a reorganized noble work and providing humanitarian assistance to the need. For the rest they should not be let free and must account for their doings instead of trying to hold the country into their own hands for selfish interest. Dr. Padiet and his class should get involved effectively and stop talking from the peripheries of organized forums.

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