By Akol Arop Akol

It is a surprise that most of the offices and business sectors go off when it rains in this city. I experienced it one time when I visited a certain office and waited there for the whole day yet the officers failed to come and I had to go back home disappointed.

Due to overload work and poor working conditions it becomes a great stay-home day for the workers to dodge their duties. I have discovered it myself that most institutions like schools and business centers rarely operate during rainy days. It is either that students, customers or clients would not come or because the operators and administrators prefer to be at home.

Students prefer being at home because when they go to school, they will not find any teacher or lecturer as they are having a best chilling in their homes.

They should buy rain coats, gumboots and umbrellas to help them go to school but it is never done this way in our country. Is it because we don’t have weather forecast if it will be sunny, cloudy or rainy or it is due to ignorance?

There are days when rain starts early in the morning to the midday, this means many offices don’t work.

The few who don’t want to miss classes or duties try their best to walk in the heavy rains, in disappointment they would be the first people on the groundnut. They will either stay idle there or come back home.

It is better for all sectors to know their importance to their public. There are goods and services that people cannot live without them daily like shops, markets and the medical centers where someone affected by sickness can run to for rescue. Those doing public services must try their best to help the civilians. They should use raincoats, umbrellas or their cars to go to work place and do their duties.

Education doesn’t wait for any challenge. This is the key to a better life that we should prioritize before anything else. The schools must be open and if two or three children come to class, they have to be taught.

Stopping the duties during the rainy seasons show lack of patriotism, commitment to work and it is termed as laziness. People must work throughout working days to develop the country. The students should have school-buses to carry them but they still walk on foot from long distances and the transport is expensive.

Footing is not easy. Many residential areas get over-flooded and this makes it hard for people to foot to school or workplace. Due to poor drainage system, water flows at every corner and destroys things. It can even carry away small kids.

It is important for the road constructors to do proper survey and dig draining holes along the roads to direct water specific location.

There are many areas that become impassible during rainy seasons. But we are not paying attention and find the solution. Do we need the residents to stay in their houses without going to hustle for what to eat and for children to go to school? The roads need proper construction and drainage system and workers with their officers need to be serious in running their work or if not, every rainy-day will be a holiday and we shall be late for development of the country. We must work to live.

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