Is peace of mind a reality for students?

By Anyama Travese

First of all, I would like to thank African leaders and the international community for their services to our nation (South Sudan), as well as the generosity and cooperation they have shown throughout the past few years.

For peace to prevail, we need the truth in the nation although it is said that truth is bitter. I really doubt because the current problem connected to South Sudan is that those who engaged in open criticism of the government and political situation are considerably faced with harassment and intimidation.

Drawing into focus the rights to freedom of association and freedom from arbitrary arrests and detention and this problem not only associated with South Sudan, but it is worldwide. Most South Sudanese can defend their own or other people’s human rights in relation to political, environmental and especially land.

My fellow citizens, friends, and the world at large; look at the youngest nation of the world (South Sudan) where people are suffering for almost four years now where the determination of people to meet the generosity of their ancestor to fight against injustice is going on in the country, but the people responsible for the suffering of the people claim that they will not forget our common humanity.

We the students of South Sudan in Uganda and around the world, I don’t need to tell you things are bad, everyone knows that things are not good at all, but there is a saying that goes, “no condition is permanent.” So as we handle the situation today, we must be tolerant, put emotion aside, put ethnicity aside and above all, love humanity in order to achieve lasting peace.

My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I am crying out for universal brotherhood to millions of the people throughout South Sudan who have been victims of (this conflict) to unite and fight for the soul and kindness, to fight against greed and bitterness of the men who fear the way of human progress in South Sudan

Finally, as we struggle for the peace of mind we need in South Sudan, we should not forget that you can kill the body but you cannot kill the spirit (the soul). So we should fight in the way, which does not violet human rights because everlasting peace of mind cannot be achieved by the barrel of guns, but rather by dialogue and respect for human right and justice. God bless South Sudan.

The writer is a South Sudanese Student in Uganda

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