Is the Juba City Mayor moving so fast for the residents and the business community? Since taking over the helm of the council, the mayor has demonstrated a no nonsense activities by calling a spade a spade not a big spoon as other would want it to be. His move has kept the city residents on their toes and traders at uncertainty of tomorrow. He has captured witches, moved to ensure sanity in the parking lots or bays. He has sent out orders requiring that city by-laws be obeyed and held to safeguard the residents in all parts of the council jurisdiction. The moves however, have not been taken in good faith by some operatives behind th3 scene. They are silently complaining that it is just a matter of time for the mayor and his team to exit the scene. Some are arguing that the mayor was just a player in the front while the real team players were hiding behind pushing him to do the dirty work. This argument does not hold water because the mayor is a constitutional appointee who cannot and should not be coerced into submission against what is not right to the residents who are the tax payers and whose contributions run the affairs of the city. If the mayor is seen to be running too fast, then he should be supported where good is being done and advised against the ills instead of making it behind the scene discussions which do not help the public and the capital city so far. This is the gentleman way of doing things instead of rumours, gossiping in the streets and tea places. The mayor is not running or walking but doing the job he was appointed to do by his bosses at the state government level unless someone hasa different reason(s) to doubt it.

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