Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

UNMISS is seeking to renew its mandate in the country next month. This UN organ has been in this country for slightly over ten years if my memories do not take me far. Each year, they come up with something to make them remain relevant to our situation. Or is it their situation? At points, there have been reports, whether real, true or cooked, that have found their ways to the UN Security Council with little if any positive take of the country and the leadership. It has always been the big brother of ‘do this or that if not then we shall do otherwise.One thing that must be appreciated is that despite the bad pictures being portrayed by external interests who are sent out to ensure there was no honeymoon. Minister Michael Makuei Lueth, who doubles as the national government spokesperson, contends that a number of times the government tried to have round-table talks with UNMISS but the results have always been hanging. As a result, somewhere nobody really knows or understands what these mandates are all about. Renewed or not. It is my take that somewhere, we are all human beings who are bound to make mistakes, but these can only be corrected if and when one is told what that mistake is, considering that we have whether the storm longs enough to seek for peace and tolerance so that we can move forward as a country and a people. There is one thing though if one looks critically to report being submitted or presented to the “masters” by their cronies for deliberation or for whatever reason. There are no kind words at any given time which is suspect because honestly, one cannot only be bad forever in the eye of the world. Every one of us has both good and bad sides. With UNMISS seeking a new mandate, there are doubts in my mind that they will be any different from their present and past responsibilities which are well-kept secret for their own interests. I wish there were no reports implicating the UNMISS forces in ills against the venerable members of the society, more so women and children, who are in their protection for safety. Could we also come out and make our own reports of the shortfall in this U.N institution and we can do that then where we are likely to get hearing from. Time has come that we must be prepared to carry our own loads instead of relying on external hands whose ideas or ideologies are coated with different colors that could easily be washed away with mere shower instead of having strong permanent oil paint which would give the right image all the time. It is not possible to fight the giant but my only consolation is that there was this young man in the Bible called David who, with the strength and support of God and with only stone in his hand, killed the giant Goliath.

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