Odongo Odoyo


Today the only language one can hear and attest to is the story of high exchange rate in dollar against South Sudanese Pounds.  This has become a lullaby or a song for which it can be even memories by three years old kids.  Would there be a lasting solution for arresting the roadside dollar dealers? I think this appears like a temporary solution, and to address high prices in the markets at this juncture may not help. The system of detaining dollar dealers along the roadside has been there since 2014 to-date no concrete solution has been made. Where are we heading and who is the one to resolve this night-mare the nation is hurtfully facing?  As those dealers are under detention, let them be investigated and they should also reveal who are behind their capital businesses. I guest there could be some people who might have camouflaged themselves behind those roadside dealers. One can wonder how an illiterate person from the country sides, deal in hard currency without knowing one single international language. The government should find out the root causes to rampant dollar dealing which has controlled South Sudan economy. Why do we allow foreign currency to dominate our local currency? I ask this question because almost everything regarding business transaction is done in hard currency (dollar). Even the common house rent is being paid in dollar rate. In order to stabilize market prices in South |Sudan, all transactions in the country should be conducted in South Sudanese local currency. If other financial agreements are done in dollar, then what would be the use of South Sudanese Pounds? I can gauge that the abnormal exchange dollar rate against South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) is being downplayed by people who practice usury in the country. They wanted to fill their coffers with public utilities. The money they are hoarding in their citadels is the country’s resources which is supposed to facilitate developmental services for the nation. My polite input is that the government should issue an order to the public that every transaction must be in SSP not dollar. This should apply to all national and international organizations operating in the country. The government of day has the power to regulate any impeding situation whatever the case may be. Every institutions whether national or foreign should adhere to the government because they are operating under the laws of this country.

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