By: Loro Louis Yugu

Recent media report has blamed Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia for sabotaging peace in the country. The report named a group of people called ‘UN experts” behind the blame. I don’t understand how these so called UN experts came to conclude that these tripartite countries were responsible for the continued stalemate in the country yet recently they were able to convince the Principal parties to extent the formation of unity government for 100 days.

They can tell best in their report how these three countries are sabotaging peace when South Sudanese women and children are battling with the many wraths of war in the country.

Those who are mandated with the implementation of the Revitalised Peace Agreement should monitor their clock on daily basis. This is because the citizens of this country will hold those who are against the implementation of the Revitalised Peace Agreement accountable.

There is no need to play blame game, let the truth be told point blank. If these neighboring countries truly don’t want to see peaceful South Sudan, then they should be told now that we need peace and we are tired of war.

There should be no waste of time. Time wasted will make the citizens to continue bearing the brunt of the economic hardship.

This experts report claims that Kenya and Uganda have played roles that contribute to “a dangerous stalemate” in South Sudan accusing Uganda that it had deployed troops in Yei River State last month, a move it described as violation of the international arms embargo on South Sudan.

This should be a good time to demonstrate sufficient political and diplomatic will to consistently support the peace process in the country so that the citizens of South Sudan enjoy relative peace.

The IGAD bloc and its leadership should exert more regional leverage on South Sudan’s warring parties. This is the only way to see a peaceful South Sudan.

If it is true that these three countries are causing stalemate to the peace process in South Sudan, then their leaders must be boldly told that they must be having vested interests in the Republic of South Sudan.

This is because it is obnoxious to derail peace efforts when the ordinary citizens of this country are suffering. From today onwards, South Sudan is left with less than eighty days to implement the remaining outstanding tasks in the Revitalised Peace Agreement. Should these reports be true and authentic, then it is disappointing that the South Sudan peace guarantors are working the other way round.

The electorates are still resilient that peace will soon come to South Sudan and therefore, the Revitalised Peace Agreement should be implemented in the spirit of the agreement on security arrangements, the number of States and their boundaries including fiscal liability. God bless the Republic of South Sudan.

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