It seems business is back to normal in Juba Town with people interacting freely ignoring the protection and preventive measures outlined by the government.

The Council officers, and some other wayward security organs that are collecting self-imposed taxes from traders without caring of the rationale that should guide their work ethics should be dealt with. The council officers who are moving from door to door of business premises demanding a number of documents, and even from those mama-mboga along the streets, they don’t go without something small has to part from traders pockets or little savings mostly don’t adhere to health protective guidelines.

This is going on at a time when the government has placed restrictions on crowding or public gathering to help in controlling the expected spread of the coronavirus disease, which has claimed up to yesterday six lives and 137 positive cases being recorded within a period of 24 hours. There are only six recoveries which itself a drop in the ocean. With rate of positive confirmation the number will swell upwards and even may reached a thousand if proper and necessary steps laid down by the national taskforce are not effected accordingly. This is why the council should not lax in their quest to bring order to public requirements that would save the country from more cases of the COVID’19 being recorded. Those who are taking the advantage of the situation under the pretext of enforcing the laws should desist from their action because they are not only soiling the name of the forces, but also portraying negative image of the country to the outer world. At this time of the fight to control and bring to minimal cases of the dreaded disease, discipline and order must take precedent by leading the way towards success. The council and any security organ that is not following and conforming to the government requirements must be dealt with accordingly

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