Irene appointed as acting MDI Principal

By: Peter Gatkuoth

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan has appointed Irene as Acting Principal of Media Development Institute (MDI).

Prior to her appointment, she was serving as the Media Development Officer at the Association for Media Development in South Sudan

Josephine Achiro, the Secretary General of Association for Media Development in South Sudan said the office was handed over to Mrs. Irene Ayaa who takes over from Cosmas Hakim

“It has been in the plan, we thought of changes to the system of MDI because we want to see an impact of MDI that the administration will add. We are not talking of individual; we are talking of individuals that serve in the institution.

“We also think it is time for us to give a woman a chance for the period of three Months than we see from there what happens. If she performs well then we fully confirm her to be the Principal, if not she can also help us understand better what will work good for us,” Achiro said.

Achiro added that Ayaa has been in the system for long time and the management believes she will do the work without a problem.

“As a woman I am happy that God spoke to us to give chance to ladies this time to take care of the administration of Media Development Institute because it has always been problem in South Sudan giving position to ladies but again once give you give it to woman you will see changes. We are happy that we will see a great impact this new academia year in Media Development Institute”, she stressed.

For her part, Ayaa said that she was excited for the opportunity to work at another level and her priority was to see MDI registered.

 “It is not totally new a thing to me. There would be challenges off course at the beginning because they need to fix certain things and MDI is not yet registered institution,” she said.

“We are yet pursuing to register with the Ministry of Higher Education so this is going to be a challenge to ensure that the institution is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education to be a recognized Institution of Media training in South Sudan,” she stated.

The Media Development Institute (MDI) has been a training wing for the Association for Media Development in South Sudan since 2016 with the aim of promoting journalism training, freedom of expression and independent Media in South Sudan.

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